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The Mathematical Olympiad Foundation of Japan
MOF of Japan(short for the Mathematical Olympiad Foundation of Japan) is a public service corporation.
Annual Schedule
Jan. 13 (Coming-of -Age Day) Preliminary competition for JMO
Feb. 11 (National Foundation Day) Final competition for JMO
March Award ceremony for the JMO winners
March Spring mathematics training camp
(to select Japanese team members)
April - June Period for educating and training the team members through correspondence
July Sending Japanese team to IMO
Oct.1 - Nov.30 Dates for application for the next year's JMO
* JMO : abbreviation for Japan Mathematical Olympiad
* IMO : abbreviation for International Mathematical Olympiad
We are engaged in selecting Contestants and sending them to participate in IMO, and doing broad research on mathematical education, and thus contribute to diffusing, enlightening and promoting mathematical education at high school level throughout Japan.

1) to send Japanese team to IMO
2) to hold JMO (National Competition, see below)
3) to hold IMO 2003 JAPAN

We began contemplating to send a Japanese team to IMO in 1988. In 1989, we sent two board members to the 30th IMO Germany as observers. In 1990,we sent 6 Japanese team contestants (along with a few board members) for the first time to IMO (31st IMO Beijing).
In our earlier period, our establishment was called "The International Mathematical Olympiad Board in Japan" and our activities were carried out on a small scale, supported by some voluntary organizations and individuals.
We were very fortunate, however, to receive a donation from the late Saburo Kawai (the honorary president of Kyoei Life Insurance Co. Ltd.). and owing to his further efforts to raise funds, we received additional donations from Kyoei Co. Ltd, Fujitsu Co Ltd. and Aines Co. Ltd. And these made it possible to establish a foundation. In March 1991, the Mathematical Olympiad Foundation of Japan was established under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT).

JMO (the Japan Mathematical Olympiad) is the national competition in Japan to select the Contestants for IMO.
It is one of the main undertakings of the Mathematical Olympiad Foundation of Japan.
Its activities begin with calling for candidates throughout Japan in the preceding October and November.
On the Coming of Age Day (around Jan. 15), the preliminary competition is held at about 60 exam sites nationwide), from 1 pm. to 4 pm.(for three hours).
This exam consists of 12 questions, with each one worth 1 point (the total score 12 points).
Grade A is given to the top 10% of the competitors, and grade B to the next 40%.
For the grade A group, the final competition for JMO is held on the National Foundation Day (Feb. 11), from 1 pm to 5 pm (four hours).
This exam consists of 5 questions asking for rigorous proofs.
Up to the top 20 competitors are ranked as grade AA, and they are awarded the gold, silver, or bronze medals according to their scores.
The top winner is awarded the gold medal, the Kawai Cup and its replica.
The supplementary prize is presented by Fujitsu Co. Ltd.
The Grade AA competitors (the candidates for IMO team) are invited to the "Spring Mathematical Training Camp" (for 7 days), and the six Contestants for IMO are selected, based on the scores of the exams administered during this camp.